In February 2019, Filter & Water Technologies received certification as a registered UL 508A electrical control panel assembler and is now authorized to affix the UL label to those panels meeting UL standards.  Since its inception, Filter & Water Technologies has been designing and fabricating its own control panels, however this certification and authorization will further ensure our customers of the professionalism of our organization and the constant pursuit to improve upon our capabilities and exceptional equipment offerings. 


UL certification of our electrical control panels guarantees the use of nothing but UL listed electrical components which provide for safety minded design, fabrication and operation of those electrical panels.  As businesses strive to increase personnel safety we should all become more proactive and demand that the systems being purchased and installed in our facilities meet UL standards and be labeled as such.         

*This Follow-Up Service Procedure authorizes the above Manufacturer(s) to use the marking specified by UL LLC, or any authorized licensee of UL LLC, including the UL Contracting Party, only on products when constructed, tested and found to be in compliance with the requirements of this Follow-Up Service Procedure and in accordance with the terms of the applicable service agreement with UL Contracting Party. The UL Contracting Party for Follow-Up Services is listed on addendum to this Follow-Up Service Procedure ("UL Contracting Party").  UL Contracting Party and UL LLC are referred to jointly herein as "UL."

Filter & Water Receives UL 508A Certification


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