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Tekleen ABW Screen Filter: How It Operates

Tekleen ABW Screen Filter: How It Operates

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Water filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to solve equipment fouling and scaling problems caused by suspended matter found in water. Heat exchangers, pipes, tubing, sensors, monitors, nozzles and other parts become fouled when dirt particles in the water settle out on warm surfaces. Calcium and magnesium are the bonding elements that cement the dirt onto the equipment. Chemical analysis shows that the calcium and magnesium are less than 2%, while the rest is made up of airborne particles, rust, sand, biological organisms, and other contaminants. Scale formation reduces the heat transfer rate and increases the water pressure drop through the heat exchanger and pipes.

Various types of filtration equipment can be utilized to remove suspended solids from water but the choice of method is dependent upon initial capital costs, space availability for equipment, severity of the suspended solids, size of particulate matter and other factors. Simple cartridge or bag filtration may be economical from a capital standpoint but frequency of filter or bag replacement and replacement filter or bag costs may be excessive.  Automatic backwashable sand filters and multi-media filters require considerable amounts of floor space and use high volumes of water for backwash of their media beds. Automatic screen filtration appears to be the solution for todays construction.  The units are economical, require minimal floor space, use small volumes of water for backwash and require little if any maintenance.   


The TEKLEEN® automatic screen filter is self-cleaning and operates on line pressure alone, eliminating the need for an external power source. As water passes through the water filter, the dirt particles are collected on the screen. This causes a decrease in water pressure. When the pressure drop reaches a preset level, the cleaning cycle is initiated. The Vacuum Screen Cleaner aggressively suctions the dirt from the inside of the screen and flushes it out the drain. The backwash cycle is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the main flow.


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