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In addition to being a system integrator, Filter & Water prides itself in being a full-service organization.  We support our systems with detailed drawings in 2-D CAD and 3-D SolidWorks modeling as provided by our in-house mechanical engineers. We are self-sufficient, in that we internally author optional detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Commissioning Documents and Validation Protocols for our packaged systems. 


We maintain an active service department with trained field service technicians who can troubleshoot and repair the equipment that we supply.  Our main equipment warehouse (located in Montgomeryville, PA) houses an extensive inventory of parts including expendable filters, ultraviolet lamps, exchange service deionizers, etc. For those customers who prefer trouble free operation, we offer full-service Preventive Maintenance Contracts.

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In addition to providing complete turnkey engineering design, system fabrication, installation, startup and commissioning of packaged water systems Filter & Water Technologies offers after the sale planned service and complete Maintenance Contracts.  Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual maintenance options are available.


Our experienced service technicians can provide scheduled preventive maintenance tasks designed to keep your system operating in a consistent and efficient manner.  Our service supervisor has over 26 years of experience in the servicing of high purity water systems.  He manages a group of trained service technicians, some with more than 12 - 14 years of experience servicing high purity water systems. 


In addition to providing Preventive Maintenance Contracts Filter & Water Technologies offers emergency services to those critical customers who require such service.  Filter & Water maintains an extensive inventory of expendables and replacement parts which assures our customers of prompt attention to their service needs while minimizing downtime of their water systems. 

Preventive Maintenance Services Include

  • Replacement of expendable items such as filter elements, carbon media, exchange service deionizers, ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves, etc.


  • Cleaning and sanitization of reverse osmosis membranes, storage tanks and distribution piping loops.


  • Calibration of instrumentation including pressure gauges, conductivity / resistivity monitors, flow and pressure instrumentation, TOC analyzers, ozone generators and monitors, etc.

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Filter & Water Technologies’ Exchange Service Deionizers offer simplicity and versatility for those customers that require consistent qualities of demineralized water.  The resins, within our vessels, are regenerated off-site at an FDA Registered Regeneration Facility which ensures our customers of the utmost control over the regeneration process. 


Our standard resins are regenerated to optimum levels of capacity following an approved documented sequential procedure which delivers consistent regeneration results yielding the highest capacities obtainable while providing the highest possible resistivity values.


For those customers that maintain commissioned and/or validated high purity water systems we can offer dedicated tanks and resins which can be accompanied with or without resin regeneration certification documentation. 


We maintain a variety of tank sizes to accommodate the various industries that we serve.  Our premiere flagship size vessel is 14 inches diameter by 48 inches in height and contains 3.6 cubic feet of mixed bed resin which provides a consistent capacity of 36,000 grains removal.  Other available sizes include our small lab unit which is a 1.2 cubic foot vessel and our three industrial size vessels that contain 30, 40 and 50 cubic feet of resin.  Flow rates range from 0.5 gpm to 250 gpm. 

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The principals of Filter & Water Technologies have been involved in the design, fabrication, installation and servicing of high quality water systems for decades.  They have evolved with the advancement of engineering technology throughout their existence maintaining a focus upon the best available technologies.


As a result, Filter & Water Technologies places a great deal of emphasis on the quality design of their high purity water systems.  Filter & Water’s engineering department utilizes AutoCad 2-D and SolidWorks 3-D modeling to design their skid mounted, prepiped and prewired packaged water systems.  The use of these tools affords Filter & Water the opportunity to work closely with A&E firms to provide detailed designs of packaged water systems for new construction and modifications to existing buildings. It also enables Filter & Water’s field application engineers to present preliminary design concepts to potential and existing customers to assist with their decision-making processes.

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Commissioning of High Purity Water Systems is becoming increasingly important to companies that utilize such systems for the manufacturing of products that they provide to their customers.  Whether the water is used for product formulation of concentrated active ingredients or washing and rinsing of finished products the understanding of how the water is treated and/or processed and why the treatment is important is of growing concern.


Producers of health and beauty products, cosmetic manufacturers, beverage production facilities, pharmaceutical formulations and others need to know that the raw materials that they use in their finished goods were formulated or processed using water meeting specifics standards.  They may require documented written specifications and/or procedures for the raw materials that they purchase for protection of their product interests.


High Purity Water System OEMs, such as Filter & Water Technologies are asked to provide such documentation.  The required documentation may vary dramatically from customer to customer depending upon their need.  A Technical Equipment Specification or Equipment Functional Specification or Water Quality Specification may be required. Or possibly, a System Operational Description or Description of Controls may be desired.  Pretesting of the Water System may be required in form of a Factory Acceptance Test of the system.  Standard Operating Procedures detailing System Start-Up, System Shutdown, System Sanitization, Filter Replacement, etc. are sometimes provided to support Third Party Commissioning of Systems.


As the importance of the quality of water used in production increases so will the requirement for documentation to support the treatment of that water.  The very existence of the documentation and following of operational procedures will ensure the maintaining of the quality of the water thereby maintaining the integrity of the products that depend upon its consistency. 

“Validation - to establish the soundness, accuracy or legitimacy of something.”


The validation of high purity water systems has become increasingly important to analytical laboratory, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  Whether purchasing an ASTM or CSLI Reagent Grade Water System or a USP Purified Water or Water For Injection System, many have adopted the principles of validating their respective water systems to ensure consistent results of their analytical tests and/or manufacturing of products.  Many follow documented protocols and procedures such as:


User Requirement Specification (URS) - Describes the business needs for what the user requires from the system. User Requirement Specifications are written early in the validation process, typically before the system is created.


Design Qualification (DQ) - Demonstrates that the proposed design will satisfy all the requirements that are defined and detailed in the User Requirement Specification (URS).  Satisfactory execution of the DQ is a mandatory requirement before construction (or procurement) of the new design can be authorized.


Installation Qualification (IQ) - Demonstrates that the process or equipment meets all specifications, is installed correctly and all required components and documentation needed for continued operation are installed and in place.


Operational Qualification (OQ) - Demonstrates that all facets of the process or equipment are operating properly and in accordance with manufacturers specifications.


Performance Qualification (PQ) - Demonstrates that the process or equipment performs as intended in a consistent manner over time.  Typically involves a predetermined frequency of analytical testing coinciding with a scheduled preventive maintenance of the system.


Filter & Water Technologies can assist your QC/QA department with authoring and execution of validation protocols or provide a complete turnkey validation package for your new water system.

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