Aquafine / Trojan Technologies UV Systems

Filter & Water Technologies is the only Registered Master Distributor and Service Center for Aquafine / Trojan Technologies, serving the states of NJ, PA and DE. As a Master Distributor, we provide design and sizing of Aquafine’s Ultraviolet Systems to a multitude of industries, including acquaculture, food & beverage, life sciences, and microelectronics.

OptiVenn Series

The Aquafine OptiVenn Series comprises robust and flexible UV Systems with advanced technology tailored to meet the stringent requirements of Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Microelectronics, and other Industrial Markets.

This series features a treatment chamber made of 316L stainless steel and a control panel constructed from 304 stainless steel, with rating options suitable for various environments. Equipped with a Universal Controller, the OptiVenn Series provides control, monitoring, and operational information in one convenient location.

Despite their compact size, both the treatment chamber and control panel offer installation flexibility, allowing integration into different skid designs or functioning as standalone UV Systems.

The OptiVenn Series replaced the following models as of November 2018:

  • CSL Plus
  • CSL HE
  • Optima HX
  • Optima HX Mini
  • Optima I

OptiVenn Series Specifications

  • Disinfection Flowrates: 12-2,200 gpm @ 94% – 99%
  • Markets: Food & Beverage | Life Sciences | Microelectronics
  • Applications: Disinfection | Ozone Destruction | TOC Reduction

SwiftBeverage Series

The Aquafine SwiftBeverage Series offers maximum water disinfection performance, advanced control functionality and high flexibility for system configuration. It gives users peace of mind by providing a reliable, cost-effective and high-performance system.

Featuring the industry’s most advanced low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology, the SwiftBeverage series consists of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a NEMA-3R stainless steel control cabinet featuring a microprocessor-based controller.

The compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floor space with the ability to mount in line, horizontally or vertically and complies with stringent NSF 61 standard.

SwiftBeverage Series Specifications

  • Flowrates: 106-832 (24-189) GPM (m3 /hr)
  • Markets: Food & Beverage | Pharmaceutical
  • Applications: Bioassay Validated Disinfection

Avant Series

The Aquafine Avant Series represents a state-of-the-art product offering TOC reduction performance in a footprint up to three times smaller than its predecessors. It utilizes less energy and offers full flexibility for skid-mounted designs, accommodating up to eight reactors within a footprint reduced by 75%.

With Predictive Maintenance capabilities, Avant ensures optimal system operation by monitoring individual lamp characteristics and alerting Plant Operators to change lamps before failure. This reduces unplanned maintenance costs and downtime.

Avant incorporates innovations and best-in-class components to reduce total ownership costs and greatly simplify operation and maintenance. It stands as the ideal solution for Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) plants seeking revolutionary UV technology.

Avant Series Specifications

  • Markets: Microelectronics | Power Generation
  • Applications: TOC Reduction

TrojanUVLogic Series

The Aquafine TrojanUVLogic Series offers a robust, highly versatile, and cost-effective UV water treatment system, featuring proven low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamp technology.

This series showcases the industry’s most advanced low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology, consisting of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a UL TYPE-3R 304 stainless steel control cabinet with a microprocessor-based controller. The L-shaped reactor design, developed using advanced computer modeling, achieves 40% greater hydraulic efficiency than conventional systems.

Its compact size enhances installation flexibility, saving floor space, and enabling mounting in line, horizontally, or vertically. Single-ended lamps and quartz sleeves facilitate quick tool-free lamp replacements. Additionally, it offers an optional manual or automated sleeve cleaning system operable while the reactor is online.

TrojanUVLogic Series Specifications

  • Flowrates: 230-7,489GPM @ 95% UVT, 290-8,141GPM @ 99% UVT
  • Markets: Aquaculture | Food & Beverage | Life Sciences | Microelectronics | Marine | Recreational Water
  • Applications: Disinfection | Ozone Destruction | TOC Reduction | Chlorine/Chloramines Destruction

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