All pharmaceutical formulations begin in a research and development laboratory under the direction of the respective pharmaceutical company.  Research of a new antibody, vaccine, blood component, therapeutic protein, allergenic or topical cream or lotion can take years to develop and the importance of this work is ever increasing.


Billions of dollars are spent annually just in the research and development phase of our world’s pharmaceutical products and the companies that pay for that time and effort are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the process.


Laboratory instruments, equipment and utilities such as gases and water are extremely importance in this type of research.  The quality of the laboratory equipment and utilities can directly affect the quality of the work being performed.  Results can become skewed if equipment malfunctions or if the water being used for experimentation is contaminated by bacteria.  Hours of research and millions of dollars can be at stake at any given time in an R&D laboratory.


For these reasons pharmaceutical companies exhibit great care in the selection of their equipment and try to rely upon reputable suppliers of equipment and support utilities. One company dedicated to its research and development facilities and employees is featured in this project.  This company’s success over the last 15 years is a testament to that degree of dedication.

Research Laboratory Reagent Grade Water System

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