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World Class Research & Development Laboratories cannot be dependent upon average equipment and utilities.  Their very existence depends upon the highest degree of equipment efficiency.  Such equipment as autoclaves, sterilizers, washers, centrifuges, etc. can affect the cleanliness of labware and glassware utilized in a research facility which may affect the very nature of the analytical work being performed.  The same holds true for the utilities that supply uninterrupted electrical power, high quality gases and probably most important the purity of the laboratory grade water used by the facilities’ equipment and research personnel.

Filter & Water Technologies understands the importance of this specific utility and offers the highest degree of system reliability from its purified water systems.  Systems are fabricated using state-of-the-art equipment components such as automatic backwashable filters and water softeners; reverse osmosis water systems with low pressure, low temperature, high efficiency membranes; variable frequency driven energy minded distribution pumps; premier ultraviolet irradiation systems; performance proven final filtration and automated control systems utilizing the most current technologically advanced programmable logic controllers and human machine interface touchscreen systems.  Water quality parameters such as pressures, flows, conductivity / resistivity values, total organic compound levels, etc. are monitored and recorded by NIST traceable and calibrated instrumentation.

If your facility is world class or desires to operate as one please do not hesitate to contact our application engineering department and learn how a Filter & Water Technologies’ high purity water system can assist your company in its quest.       


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