Ultraviolet (UV) technology

Disinfection of your critical water supply

Ultraviolet (UV) technology plays a pivotal role within high purity water systems. By utilizing UV light at specific wavelengths, harmful microorganisms and pathogens are effectively neutralized, ensuring the water’s integrity without the use of chemicals. This non-intrusive method is widely recognized for its reliability and eco-friendliness, making UV technology an indispensable component in achieving stringent high purity water quality standards.

Services provided

Filter & Water Technologies can assist with the installation and servicing of UV systems to support critical pure water applications.

Our engineers are experts in the application of UV irradiation technologies including disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramine destruction.

Aquafine / Trojan Technologies

Filter & Water Technologies is the only Registered Master Distributor and Service Center for Aquafine / Trojan Technologies, serving the states of NJ, PA and DE.

As a Master Distributor, we provide design and sizing of Aquafine’s Ultraviolet Systems to a multitude of industries, including acquaculture, food & beverage, life sciences, and microelectronics.

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Applications we support

Offers UV solutions for many pure water applications

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

High purity water systems incorporating various UV technologies are crucial to pharmaceutical and life science research and production. Filter & Water Technologies designs, fabricates, installs, and services high purity water systems to meet stringent the requirements of ASTM, CLSI/CLRW, ISO, USP, and TIR34/ST108 applications.

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Semiconductor & Electronics

Various UV technologies are utilized within high purity water systems located throughout semiconductor and electronics research and fabrication facilities. Filter & Water Technologies designs, installs, and services high purity water systems designed to meet the demanding volume and quality requirements of electronic grade water applications.

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Food & Beverage

At food & beverage facilities, UV technologies support the strict production control vital to avoiding contamination and preventing unexpected shutdowns. Incorporated properly into your process, UV technologies make your operation safer and more efficient, compliant, and sustainable at each stage of the process.

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Specialty Manufacturing

UV technologies play a critical role within high purity water systems vital to manufacturing and production facilities across America. Filter & Water Technologies designs, fabricates, installs, and services high purity water systems capable of meeting your manufacturing facility’s most stringent water quality requirements.

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