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Deionized water, often referred to as “DI water,” is generated using the deionization process, which removes residual total dissolved solids (TDS) from water through a resin-based ion-exchange process. In this deionization process, both positively charged ions (cations) and negatively charged ions (anions) are exchanged for hydrogen and hydroxide ions, resulting in the formation of pure water molecules.

Exchange Service Deionizers

Filter & Water Technologies’ Exchange Service Deionizers offer simplicity and versatility for those customers that require consistent qualities of demineralized water.

Various size tanks and flow rates, along with dedicated vessels and resins, are available to meet customer demands. The resins, within the vessels, are regenerated off-site which eliminates the need for handling and/or storing of hazardous chemicals by the customer.

DI Resin Regeneration Plant

Filter & Water’s unique handling and processing procedures ensure optimum quality results and exceptional capacities from each batch of resin processed by our in-house, state-of-the-art resin regeneration system.

Each batch is procedurally documented, quality tested and results are recorded so as to provide complete traceability of the regenerated resins.

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Applications we support

DI solutions for an array of high purity water applications

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

High purity water systems incorporating deionization technologies are crucial to pharmaceutical and life science research and production. Filter & Water Technologies designs, fabricates, installs, and services high purity water systems to meet stringent the requirements of ASTM, CLSI/CLRW, ISO, USP, and TIR34/ST108 applications.

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Semiconductor & Electronics

The deionization process is utilized within high purity water systems located throughout semiconductor and electronics research and fabrication facilities. Filter & Water Technologies designs, installs, and services high purity water systems designed to meet the demanding volume and quality requirements of electronic grade water applications.

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Specialty Manufacturing

Deionization is a critical process within high purity water systems vital to manufacturing and production facilities across America. Filter & Water Technologies designs, fabricates, installs, and services high purity water systems capable of meeting your manufacturing facility’s most stringent water quality requirements.

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