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Featured Project: Process Water Filtration


Industries that depend upon large volumes and flows of process water for cooling of equipment such as HVAC chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, turbines, injection molding machinery,  presses, etc. need to be concerned with the quality of their process water.

Process waters can contain suspended solids / particulate matter that can create a multitude of problems for equipment.  Suspended solids can easily precipitate from solution forming a build-up with the equipment.  The build-up may hinder the heat transfer process and/or restrict the water flow necessary to maintain the efficiency of the equipment.

Various forms of filtration equipment are available for consideration and the choice of such equipment is dependent upon initial cost, available space for installation and/or long-term operating costs. 

Replacement cartridge filtration systems can be cost effective when comparing initial equipment capital costs however frequency of filter replacement is dependent upon the severity of the suspended solids content of the process water.  Frequency of replacement can be costly both for filters and labor.

Backwashable sand or multimedia filters may be considered but they generally require a considerable amount of space for installation and need significant flow rates for backwash of their media beds.

Shown here are automatic backwashable screen filtration systems designed to remove particulate matter/suspended solids down to as fine as 2 micron size particles.  Their compact size and low volume backwash requirement make them an ideal choice for process water filtration applications.

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