About the Project

The global demand for microelectronic and semiconductor production is surging. The United States acknowledges the necessity of self-sufficiency and is intensifying its dedication to expanding domestic manufacturing. Existing facilities nationwide are swiftly undergoing redesign, rejuvenation, and reconfiguration to address these pressing needs, while plans for constructing massive new facilities are already in motion.

Filter & Water Technologies, a specialized designer and fabricator of ultrapure water systems, takes pride in contributing to the revitalization of American manufacturing. Highlighted here is a comprehensive ultrapure Electronic Grade Water System tailored for semiconductor wafer manufacturing and processing.

The production of semiconductor wafers demands substantial volumes of high purity water. As wafers are sliced, cleaned, and polished, significant amounts of rinse water are essential. In response to growing water conservation concerns, systems are being designed to incorporate water reclamation and reuse. This featured system includes a water reclamation system that collects, reprocesses, and efficiently reuses the majority of water needed for this process. Additionally, a Reverse Osmosis / Deionized Water System (RODI) provides ultrapure water for final rinsing of wafers and makeup water for the reclamation system.

Filter & Water Technologies is currently engaged in numerous projects with various companies aligned with the United States’ commitment to expanding domestic microelectronic and semiconductor production.