About the Project

World-class Research & Development Laboratories depend upon state-of-the-art equipment and utilities for their critical applications. Equipment efficiency is paramount for their success, and components like autoclaves, sterilizers, washers, and centrifuges impact the precision of labware and glassware, thus influencing analytical outcomes. Likewise, utilities, including continuous power, high-quality gases, and especially laboratory-grade water purity, play a pivotal role.

Filter & Water Technologies comprehends the significance of high purity water supply to the facility’s operations, and offers the highest degree of high purity water system reliability through our advanced purified water systems. We design and fabricate our systems utilizing cutting-edge components: automatic backwashable filters and water softeners, reverse osmosis systems with low-pressure, low-temperature, high-efficiency membranes, energy-efficient variable frequency driven distribution pumps, premier ultraviolet irradiation systems, performance-proven final filtration, and automated control systems utilizing the latest programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface touchscreen systems. Water quality parameters, such as pressures, flows, conductivity/resistivity values, and total organic compound levels, are meticulously monitored and recorded through NIST-traceable, calibrated instrumentation.