About the Project

Clinical, veterinary, and laboratory diagnostics require the use of dyes, stains, buffer solutions, and reagents for analytical work. Manufacturers crafting these supporting solutions for hematology, histology, cytology, and microbiology vary the degrees and concentrations of these solutions. Most of these marketed solutions incorporate a percentage of high purity water. To ensure solution integrity, the water used in formulations must meet specific criteria for mineral impurities, organic content, bacteria, and pH. These solutions are typically classified as reagent-grade water and adhere to stringent published standards set by organizations like ASTM and CLSI.

Specialty manufacturers often produce sizeable batches of their formulations to achieve the required economics when producing products of this nature. Filter & Water Technologies provided a solution to one specialty manufacturer that incorporated multiple batch tanks with reagent-grade water that aligns with CLSI’s published standards for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW). With a distribution flow rate of 40 gallons per minute, the system significantly reduces batch formulation times.

Filter & Water Technologies’ field service technicians provide comprehensive system maintenance, encompassing tasks such as exchanging deionizer tanks, replacing ultraviolet lamps, and replacing final filters. This support enables the manufacturer to focus on their primary task of product formulation.