About the Project

Industries reliant on substantial volumes and flows of process water for equipment cooling, including HVAC chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, turbines, injection molding machinery, and presses, must prioritize the quality of their process water.

Process waters can contain suspended solids and particulate matter, leading to potential issues with equipment. These solids can readily precipitate, causing accumulation within the equipment. This buildup can impede heat transfer and water flow, ultimately impacting equipment efficiency.

Numerous filtration options are available, with selection dependent on factors like initial cost, available installation space, and long-term operating expenses.

While replacement cartridge filtration systems may seem cost-effective initially, the frequency of filter replacement hinges on the severity of suspended solids in the process water. Frequent replacement incurs costs for both filters and labor.

Backwashable sand or multimedia filters could be considered, but they typically require significant installation space and substantial flow rates for media bed backwashing.

A beneficial alternative is a backwashable screen filtration system, designed to eliminate particulate matter and suspended solids, even particles as small as 2 microns. Their compact design and minimal backwash volume requirement make them an optimal choice for process water filtration applications.