About the Project

A Pennsylvania-based circuit board manufacturer required Electronics Grade Water to wash and rinse their finished product prior to final testing, packaging and shipping. The application of ASTM Type E-2 Water with a resistivity surpassing 17.5 megohms/cm² and a total organic carbon (TOC) content below 50 ppb yielded exceptional results.

The feedwater to the Electronics Grade Water System is sourced from an on-site well. The well-water first undergoes ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to achieve 99.9% inactivation of water-borne bacteria. Subsequently, a 1.0 micron absolute filter is followed by an alternating duplex water softening system, safeguarding reverse osmosis membranes against calcium and magnesium hardness. The reverse osmosis units then remove approximately 98-99% of dissolved mineral salts, en route to a 300-gallon sanitary storage tank. A stainless steel multistage pump directs the water through two deionizers in a series arrangement, a 254nm UV disinfection unit, and a 0.1 micron absolute final filter before distribution to the wash/rinse line.

Since its installation in 2016, the system reduced product rejection rates from 20% to 4.5%, enhancing yield, minimizing rework, and bolstering customer profitability.