About the Project

This article details the design and implementation of an ASTM Type 2 water purification system by Filter & Water Technologies, featuring a 3 GPM reverse osmosis (RO) unit and a 50 GPM polishing and distribution system.

A cutting-edge gene therapy research facility was being constructed in Greater Philadelphia, aimed at pioneering new treatments and therapies. The facility would house advanced laboratories each requiring different levels of water quality. To ensure the integrity and success of their experiments, the facility required an exceptionally reliable pure water supply. Filter & Water Technologies was tasked with designing and installing an ASTM Type 2 water system tailored to meet these needs. This ASTM Type 2 central water would be fed to various laboratories in the facility which would then utilize point-of-use polishers to achieve the desired, unique water quality requirements of each laboratory.

Filter & Water’s engineering team worked closely with the facility to ensure that both production and distribution of the water was sufficient to meet the facility’s water consumption requirements. At the core of the system is a 3 GPM reverse osmosis (RO) unit. This unit efficiently removes dissolved solids and impurities from the feed water which then feeds a 700-gallon storage tank with RO water for further polishing.

The system also features a robust polishing and distribution skid with a capacity of 50 GPM via duplex VFD controlled pumps fed through 254nm UV and 0.2 micron absolute final filtration. This ensures that the purified water is further refined and consistently delivered throughout the facility. Finally, the system is controlled by a custom-designed PLC that is engineered, built, programmed, and tested in house at Filter & Water.

Prior to the delivery and installation of the equipment, Filter & Water Technologies conducted a thorough Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at our facility in Montgomeryville, PA. This test verified that all components functioned as specified and performance criteria were met. Customer representatives were on site at Filter & Water to observe the FAT and learn about the equipment.