About the Project

A growing manufacturing plant dedicated to semiconductor elastomer production in Greater Philadelphia sought an ultrapure water system to meet stringent water quality requirements. Filter & Water Technologies was selected to design and install a comprehensive high purity water system that would deliver ASTM Type 1a water, essential for maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing process.

The system designed by Filter & Water Technologies was tailored to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor elastomer manufacturing plant. The system features a 3 GPM reverse osmosis (RO) unit as the primary purification stage. This unit effectively removes dissolved solids, organic matter, and other contaminants from the feed water prior to polishing and distribution.

To further enhance water purity and achieve the desired ASTM 1a quality, the system includes a 60 GPM polishing and distribution skid. This ensures that the purified water is consistently refined and adequately supplied to various points of use within the facility.

The polishing stage incorporates two ultraviolet (UV) systems, one operating at 254 nm and one at 185 nm. The 254 nm UV system targets microbial contaminants, ensuring biological safety, while the 185 nm UV system breaks down organics which are then removed by the mixed bed deionization (DI) stage that follows. The final filtration stage includes high-efficiency 0.2 micron absolute filters that remove any remaining particulates, ensuring the water meets the stringent ASTM Type 1a standards before it is distributed throughout the manufacturing plant.

Filter & Water takes great pride in designing and testing PLCs for our equipment. The PLC for this system was designed, built, and tested in house at Filter & Water and ensures that all critical metrics are continuously monitored on the PLC. Key metrics from the PLC can also be delivered to the customer’s BMS (building management system) as needed.

Prior to delivery and installation, the complete system underwent a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in-house at Filter & Water’s facilities. This testing phase verified that all components met the required specifications and performance criteria.

As a result of the in-house FAT and the skid-mounted design, Filter & Water was able to start-up and commission the system in a single day – an industry-leading standard that our team strives to uphold on all new equipment installations whenever possible.