Introducing The OptiVenn Series 

OptiVenn Marketing Brief

OptiVenn: Redefining Flexibility, Reliability and Robustness

for Industrial Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment

The OptiVenn Series is a new family of robust and flexible UV Systems with advanced technology designed to meet the stringent requirements of Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Microelectronics and other Industrial Markets.


In order to help avoid costly production downtime, the OptiVenn was designed to be a very reliable and robust system that incorporates the best features from all of the Aquafine product lines. The system also utilizes multiple lamps in the chamber, to allow the plant to continue running until scheduled maintenance by a certified Aquafine service provider.

Both the treatment chamber and control panel are extremely compact, yet offer flexibility of installation to accommodate into different skid designs or as a stand-alone UV System.


Constructed of 316L SS, the treatment chamber is available in two finish options. The control panel is constructed of 304 SS and is equipped with a Universal Controller which provides control, monitoring and operational information in a single convenient location.

Key Benefits of the OptiVenn System


Compact Footprint


  • An optimized chamber design and multiple lamp arrays enable cost-effective installation in extremely compact spaces.


Flexible Chamber Design


  • The configurable treatment chamber makes it easy to fit the UV System into small spaces and tight pipe networks. The cylinder can be rotated to allow inlet and outlet connections at 4 different angles.

Improved Lamp Technology


  • Low-pressure high-output lamp (LPHO) technology provides increased process performance and extended lamp life.

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