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In 2016, one of the world’s largest oil companies began planning construction of a large refinery in one of the most remote parts of its country.  With little access to major utilities in the remote area, the company quickly realized that it was going to need to make the site self-sufficient.  On-site power generation, domestic and process waters, boilers, cooling towers, etc. were all going to need to be engineered.


The owner decided to award the architectural and engineering design of the refinery to a world-renowned A&E firm located in Philadelphia, PA.  The engineering firm began by defining the utility needs of the site and preparing specifications to meet those needs.  The customer, by the very nature of its size, has corporate specifications and maintains a list of acceptable manufacturers and suppliers for specialty  equipment.


It was determined that the refinery, due to its remote location, needed an on-site analytical laboratory to meet the daily sampling and testing requirements of the site.  The central laboratory requires a specific quality of water to perform those tests and supply the various laboratory equipment such as glasswashers, autoclaves and sterilizers.  The water quality specified had to meet Type II Reagent Grade Water as defined by ASTM International, located in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

The A&E firm began the design of the ASTM Type II Reagent Grade Water System only to find that the owners approved list of manufacturers did not specialize in the design and fabrication of laboratory type water systems.  Their specialties focused more upon industrial grade systems where the water was used for process and/or power requirements.

Searching for assistance with the design, the A&E firm received approval from the customer to work with a known OEM in the United States that specialized in the fabrication of laboratory grade water systems. The A&E contacted Filter & Water Technologies to assist with the design of the system. 


The customer’s corporate specifications were discussed and incorporated into the design of the laboratory grade water system.  Additional features were engineered into the system design including a Master Control Panel equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and an operator interface terminal (OIT) for a more user friendly design with an increased efficiency of operation.


As shown in the accompanying pictures, the system was completely skid mounted, prepiped and prewired at Filter & Water Technologies’ fabrication and testing facility.  The system was rigorously tested via the execution of a complete Factory Acceptance Test that virtually tested each and every point through the system including the identification and verification of every input to the PLC and outputs from the PLC.  All of the instrumentation setpoints were verified and visual/audible alarms were tested.  The system was completely labeled, disassembled and packaged in an overseas container.    

If you or your organization would like to arrange for a visit of the facility, please contact our engineering department.

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