Water for specialty manufacturing and production applications

When water is critical to manufacturing operations

Specialty manufacturing facilities are driven by the need for precision and consistency, where even the slightest impurities to process water supply can compromise the integrity of the final products. High purity water, meeting stringent quality standards, serves as an essential ingredient in numerous manufacturing processes. The quality of high purity water impacts everything from product formulations and material processing to equipment cleaning and quality control. As specialty manufacturers strive for consistency, reliability, and adherence to regulatory requirements, quality high purity water systems ensure that their products meet the most demanding specifications and expectations. The design, operation, and maintenance of these systems are pivotal in maintaining the highest levels of product integrity and customer satisfaction within the diverse landscape of specialty manufacturing.

Examples of our work

A wide variety of specialty manufacturing high purity water solutions

Reagent Formulations

Clinical, veterinary, and laboratory diagnostics require the use of dyes, stains, buffer solutions, and reagents for analytical work. Manufacturers crafting these supporting solutions for hematology, histology, cytology, and microbiology vary the degrees and concentrations of these solutions. Most of these marketed solutions incorporate a percentage of high purity water. To ensure solution integrity, the water used in formulations must meet specific criteria for mineral impurities, organic content, bacteria, and pH. These solutions are typically classified as reagent-grade water and adhere to stringent published standards set by organizations like ASTM and CLSI.

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Specialty Product Formulations

Most modern specialty chemical formulations necessitate purified water for product blending.

Formulations related to life sciences, bioprocessing, microparticles, diagnostic assays, etc., demand water quality adhering to regulatory standards. This quality generally aligns with the Purified Water standards established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Process Water Filtration

Industries reliant on substantial volumes and flows of process water for equipment cooling, including HVAC chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, turbines, injection molding machinery, and presses, must prioritize the quality of their process water.

Process waters can contain suspended solids and particulate matter, leading to potential issues with equipment. These solids can readily precipitate, causing accumulation within the equipment. This buildup can impede heat transfer and water flow, ultimately impacting equipment efficiency.

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