Water systems meeting the strictest requirements

High purity water is critical to pharmaceutical and life science operations

Throughout the various phases of discovery, formulation, and manufacturing, high purity water plays an indispensable role within pharmaceutical and life science facilities. At Filter & Water Technologies, we specialize in the design, installation, and servicing of high purity water systems that adhere to the stringent water quality requirements of pharmaceutical and life science operations.

Water quality standards we routinely satisfy encompass:

  • ASTM Type I, II, III, IV
  • ISO 3696
  • USP Purified Water
  • TIR34/ST108

Examples of our work

A wide variety of pharmaceutical & life science high purity water solutions

Research and Development Laboratory

World-class Research & Development Laboratories depend upon state-of-the-art equipment and utilities for their critical applications. Equipment efficiency is paramount for their success, and components like autoclaves, sterilizers, washers, and centrifuges impact the precision of labware and glassware, thus influencing analytical outcomes. Likewise, utilities, including continuous power, high-quality gases, and especially laboratory-grade water purity, play a pivotal role.

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ASTM Type 1A Reagent Grade Water

One of the nation’s leading research universities, located in Massachusetts, embarked upon exploring emerging high-tech technologies. This university invested in the construction of a cutting-edge academic facility dedicated to studying and advancing emerging fields like nanomedicine, nanomanufacturing, and biomaterials development.

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ASTM Type II RODI Water System

A global leader in pharmaceuticals was expanding, adding 300,000 square feet to its New York corporate headquarters for research and development purposes. Two new buildings were to accommodate over 300 employees, supporting expansion of the company’s core business.

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