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Water is a critical input to food & beverage applications

The modern food and beverage industry operates within an intensely competitive landscape, demanding innovative solutions to drive demand from informed consumers. The development of product formulations plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of a substantial market share. In addition, strict production control is critical to avoid contamination and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Enhanced attention is now directed towards comprehending the factors influencing the taste and quality of food and beverages and, consequently, improving upon them. Water is a major input in food and beverage applications and profoundly impacts the quality of the final products.

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A wide variety of food & beverage high purity water solutions

Beverage Packaging in New Jersey

A prominent, innovative co-packaging company located in central New Jersey recognized the imperative of purifying its plant’s product formulation water.

The company’s existing water system featured carbon filtration to eliminate chlorine and organics, a membrane filtration system for the removal of dissolved solids and mineral salts, processed water storage tanks, and a distribution/re-circulation system incorporating ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for managing water-borne bacteria and final submicron filtration.

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Beverage Blending & Packaging

As beverage manufacturers shift away from artificially sweetened drinks, their focus is increasingly on both the appearance and taste of the beverages they formulate and blend. This trend is prompting manufacturers to reevaluate their existing water processing and filtration systems.

In the past, beverage manufacturing revolved around particulate filtration, followed by carbon filtration and then ozonation, with minimal consideration given to mineral impurities and their impact on taste and appearance.

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Water for Brewery in Philadelphia, PA

Over the past few decades, the beer brewing industry has witnessed remarkable change. Numerous microbreweries have achieved widespread distribution of their products across their operational states and beyond. All recognize the importance of effective water filtration and taste enhancement in brewing their beverages.

The growth of a Philadelphia-based brewery necessitated operational expansion, leading to the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility near its original facility. Filter & Water Technologies collaborated with the company to design a skid-mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired comprehensive water treatment system for the new facility. The system’s primary focus is carbon filtration, removing chlorine, chloramines, and organics from the incoming municipal water supply.

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