A New Jersey based manufacturer of specialty fragrances and perfumes discoverd a long time ago that the quality of their products was only as good as the quality of the water used to formulate those products.  Consistency was key to the success of their product formulations and paramount to the measured shelf life of the products.


After experimenting with different technologies this manufacturer found that Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology provided the most consistent quality of water for their use.  In this case the customer’s reverse osmosis system, pictured here, removes approximately 95% of the ionizable solids from the incoming water.  The reduction of dissolved solids in the water prevents the precipitation of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfates, chlorides, etc. which can affect the clarity of products and result in noticeable residuals in the formulations.


Also included in this customers system is an ultraviolet disinfection unit for the destruction of bacteria and final 0.2 micron filtration.   



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