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The preparation of some food products can require a multitude of processes and/or steps before obtaining a finished product. Various ingredients and seasonings may be required along with the addition of flavors enhancements.

Some products may be prepared and cooked with hot water or steam. The processing of foods with hot water or steam can mean the use of tens of thousands of gallons of water per day just for cooking purposes. These types of manufacturing facilities rely upon large oil fired or natural gas boilers to provide the necessary hot water or steam for their production needs. The boilers are sensitive to the quality of water that they require and need treatment of that feed water in order to maintain efficient and effective operation.

One such ingredient and flavor manufacturer located in New Jersey realizes the need to treat its boilers with softened water in order to protect its equipment. Hard water scale formation on boiler tubes significantly increases fuel costs and creates added stress to the boiler tubes by inhibiting the heat transfer process.

Filter & Water Technologies provides package water softening systems for boiler feed water applications. Systems may be purchased as skid mounted, prepiped and prewired packaged system which eliminates the need for time consuming and costly on-site installation of such systems.


The packaged systems come fully assembled and pretested requiring only single point inlet, outlet and drain piping connections and a single 120V power connection. The photos shown in this project depict a fully packaged system.

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