Complete Factory Acceptance Testing 

In today’s fast pace business environment minimal time is allotted for on-site installation, start-up and commissioning of high purity water systems.  The necessity and importance of such systems is acknowledged by customers but their tolerance for disturbances of their day to day operations and timeliness of system installations is growing ever shorter. 

Filter & Water Technologies understands such concerns and makes every effort to minimize the impact that an installation and start-up of a water system has on a customer.  For these very reasons Filter & Water offers skid mounted, prepiped and prewired systems that can be completely assembled and tested in the manufacturing setting thereby minimizing the on-site presence of installation personnel.

In addition, Filter & Water offers, as an option, complete documented factory acceptance testing of their water systems. The entire system, inclusive of all equipment components, is temporarily interconnected (piped and wired) and performance tested at Filter & Water Technologies prior to being delivered to the customer.  The customer, at their discretion, may witness the performance of the factory acceptance test (FAT) at Filter & Water Technologies or send a representative of their choice.

During the FAT a detailed verification of the system’s individual equipment components and their performance is included so as to provide a clear and complete understanding of the operation of the system.  System and equipment operational verifications are included but not limited to the functional controls of the pretreatment equipment, reverse osmosis units, deionizers and ultraviolet units. Documented verification of system design and operating parameters such as pressures, temperature, flow rates and velocities are tested and recorded. 


Operational controls verifications include storage tank level controls, distribution pump controls and heat exchanger controls if applicable.  Instrumentation verification of parameters include NIST traceable instrumentation values such as conductivity/resistivity, total organic carbon (TOC), critical and non-critical setpoints and visual/audible alarms.  If applicable programmable logic controller (PLC) input and output signals are challenged and verified and Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) screens are checked and documented as well.  Upon satisfactory completion the executed and documented FAT is given to the customer.  The customer in turn may choose to use the FAT for commissioning of the system and/or as part of the system’s validation documentation.

If you or your organization would like to arrange for a visit of the facility, please contact our engineering department.

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