Commissioning of High Purity Water Systems is becoming increasingly important to companies that utilize such systems for the manufacturing of products that they provide to their customers.  Whether the water is used for product formulation of concentrated active ingredients or washing and rinsing of finished products the understanding of how the water is treated and/or processed and why the treatment is important is of growing concern.


Producers of health and beauty products, cosmetic manufacturers, beverage production facilities, pharmaceutical formulations and others need to know that the raw materials that they use in their finished goods were formulated or processed using water meeting specifics standards.  They may require documented written specifications and/or procedures for the raw materials that they purchase for protection of their product interests.


High Purity Water System OEMs, such as Filter & Water Technologies, Inc. are asked to provide such documentation.  The required documentation may vary dramatically from customer to customer depending upon their need.  A Technical Equipment Specification or Equipment Functional Specification or Water Quality Specification may be required. Or possibly, a System Operational Description or Description of Controls may be desired.  Pretesting of the Water System may be required in form of a Factory Acceptance Test of the system.  Standard Operating Procedures detailing System Start-Up, System Shutdown, System Sanitization, Filter Replacement, etc. are sometimes provided to support Third Party Commissioning of Systems.


As the importance of the quality of water used in production increases so will the requirement for documentation to support the treatment of that water.  The very existence of the documentation and following of operational procedures will ensure the maintaining of the quality of the water thereby maintaining the integrity of the products that depend upon its consistency.        

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