Filter & Water Technologies’ Exchange Service Deionizers offer simplicity and versatility for those customers that require consistent qualities of demineralized water.  The resins, within our vessels, are regenerated off-site at an FDA Registered Regeneration Facility which ensures our customers of the utmost control over the regeneration process. 


Our standard resins are regenerated to optimum levels of capacity following an approved documented sequential procedure which delivers consistent regeneration results yielding the highest capacities obtainable while providing the highest possible resistivity values.


For those customers that maintain commissioned and/or validated high purity water systems we can offer dedicated tanks and resins which can be accompanied with or without resin regeneration certification documentation. 


We maintain a variety of tank sizes to accommodate the various industries that we serve.  Our premiere flagship size vessel is 14 inches diameter by 48 inches in height and contains 3.6 cubic feet of mixed bed resin which provides a consistent capacity of 36,000 grains removal.  Other available sizes include our small lab unit which is a 1.2 cubic foot vessel and our three industrial size vessels that contain 30, 40 and 50 cubic feet of resin.  Flow rates range from 0.5 gpm to 250 gpm.   

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