A global manufacturer of concentrated water based cosmetic ingredients and fragrances has come to rely upon a standard quality of water for its product formulations. With multiple manufacturing facilities located on six continents this world-wide company has determined that a consistent quality of water with the absence of calcium, magnesium and iron results in a clear and consistent quality of product. Water softening is used to remove the calcium, magnesium and iron via an ion exchange process. The water softeners exchange sodium for the hardness ions thereby providing a water that is non-scale forming and will not discolor due to oxidation of residual iron found in some water supplies. Take note that the accompanying pictures of this system depict two softener vessels with a single control valve.  This allows for an uninterrupted supply of softened water at all times.  One softener is in service at a time and water usage is measured by an auto reset meter that alternates the softener vessels.


The water softeners are followed by an ultraviolet disinfection unit which provides the continuous control of water borne bacteria.  Bacteria levels left unchecked can proliferate in formulated products creating discoloration and odor.  The ultraviolet unit provides a 3-log reduction of bacteria (99.9% destruction) thereby preventing the growth of microorganisms in the concentrated products.  As a final polish of the water submicron filtration down to 0.2 micron is used to remove dead microorganisms and any suspended solids greater than 0.2 micron size particulates.


In conclusion, properly treated water maintains the quality of the products that they produce and actually increases the product shelf life as well.      


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