Cosmetic Formulations

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The quality of today’s cosmetics are dependent upon the quality of the powders, colors, dyes, fragrances and oils used in their formulations.  Manufacturers are constantly evaluating the ingredients of their products but sometimes overlook one of the most important ingredients… water. The quality of water, used as an ingredient in formulations, may be the single most important ingredient because it may have the greatest effect on the appearance of the finished product as well as the determining the shelf life of that product.

Untreated water, even city water, may contain chlorine and organics which can affect the other ingredients being used in formulations. Water hardness and suspended solids/turbidity can cause problems as calcium, magnesium and particulate matter may precipitate from solution forming visible solids.  Bacteria and other microorganisms may cause discoloration, coagulation, odor, etc.


Treatment of incoming water may be limited to particulate filtration or water softening or a combination of both with the possible addition of ultraviolet disinfection.  For sensitive or ultrapure formulations, Reverse Osmosis or Deionization may be required to provide an even higher quality of  purified water.  

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