Chemical Formulations – Mobile UV + Filter Skid

The manufacturing and sale of concentrated chemical formulations can be an extremely competitive business.  Water based specialized formulations can be difficult to replicate due to fluctuations in the quality of the water being utilized.  Seasonal variations with surface water supplies can be dramatic due to amount of or lack of rainfall which affects the suspended and dissolved solids content of such water sources.  Bacteriological growth in a given water supply can fluctuate drastically due to variations of water temperature.  Manufacturers can experience clarity problems within their formulations due to suspended solids and/or bacteriological changes.


Successful manufacturers are in constant pursuit of means to obtain consistency of their products while minimizing the loss of product due to quality issues.  Filter & Water Technologies assists such manufacturers by providing filtration and ultraviolet disinfection solutions for maintaining the consistency of one’s water ingredient.


This photo shows a mobile system consisting of non-corrosive particulate filter housings for the removal of fine suspended solids that can cause discoloration and cloudiness of chemical formulations.  Also included on the skid is an ultraviolet disinfection system designed to provide for the destruction of microorganisms which can affect the clarity and purity of the solutions.  In this particular application, PVC plastic piping was used due to the aggressive nature of the chemical formulations which are sometimes circulated through the system to further purify the finished product.

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