Cell & Gene Therapy

For more than five decades scientists have been exploring cell and gene therapies designed to treat and /or possibly prevent targeted genetic diseases.  Fascinating advancements in both cell and gene therapies are being made every day. Research discoveries in cardiovascular disorders, vision disorders, diabetes, hemophilia and other blood disorders are receiving focused attention.

Research of this nature requires specialized laboratory equipment and controlled high purity water systems for performing such detailed tests and experiments. Reagent Grade Water Systems meeting nationally recognized ASTM and CLSI published water quality standards are necessary for this type of research.

Filter & Water Technologies has the unique expertise to provide turnkey design, fabrication, commissioning and servicing of ASTM and CLSI Reagent Grade Water Systems for companies specializing in cell and gene therapy research and development.

If your company requires a high purity water system of this nature please contact our engineering group to arrange for a visit to your facility to discuss your needs.

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