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Over the last decade or two there has been a surge in the beer brewing industry. A large number of micro breweries have been built and many have enjoyed success with the addition of food and entertainment competing with sports bars. A few have even established successful distribution of their products throughout the states in which they operate and beyond. All are aware of the need for some form of filtration and taste enhancement of the waters that they use for brewing their products.


One such brewery began its venture in the early 1990s and has enjoyed a consistent growth since its inception by manufacturing a superior product. The company’s growth has made it necessary to expand its operations and has resulted in the need to build a new state-of-art brewery within mere blocks of its existing facility. The company spared no expense during construction to provide its clientele with a continued premier product.

Filter & Water Technologies has been working with the company ownership and brew masters for a number of years, so it came as no surprise to Filter & Water when the company announced its intention to build a new brewery. Our application engineers met with the company and began design of a new skid mounted, prepiped and prewired total water treatment system for the new building.  Carbon filtration for removal of chlorine, chloramines and organics from the incoming municipal water supply are at the forefront of the system.


The removal of the off tastes and odors associated with the city water enhances the brewing process and allows the true taste of the product to be realized. Fine particulate filtration provides removal of all visible suspended solids in the water and ultraviolet disinfection ensures the control of water borne bacteria in the finished process water.

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