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Today’s beverage industry is extremely competitive and demands innovative solutions to warrant the purchasing of products by educated consumers. Development of product formulations, eye catching packaging and product marketing are all important in the quest for market share.


Now, more than ever before, beverage manufacturers and co-packagers are becoming more conscious of product formulations and the need to provide a superior tasting product to attract consumers. Increased attention is being paid to what affects the taste of a beverage and how to improve upon it. 


The vast majority of juices, teas, lemonades, nutritional and specialty drinks start with a large percentage of water. That water, from whatever source, can drastically affect the taste of the finished product if not treated in some manner.

A large innovative and cutting-edge co-packaging company located in central New Jersey has realized, for a number of years, the necessity to purify its plant’s product formulation water.


The company installed a combination treatment system in 2012 that consisted of carbon filtration for removal of chlorine and organics; a membrane filtration system for removal of dissolved solids/mineral salts; processed water storage tanks; and a distribution/re-circulation system consisting of ultraviolet disinfection for control of water borne bacteria and final submicron filtration.

The company’s success was immediately noticed and its attention to detail attracted beverage manufacturers who seek out co-packagers to increase production.

Business growth became overwhelming and the company had to dramatically expand its operations in 2016 and 2017. The original water purification system capacity was no longer able to keep up with demand and anticipated future growth.


Filter & Water Technologies, supplier and service company for the original system, was called upon to design, fabricate and install a new system more than twice the size of the original.


The photos of this system illustrate the size of the new system, which now has the capacity to provide, in excess, of 500,000 gallons of product formulation water per day.

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