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One of largest growth industries in North America is beverage blending and packaging.  In order to attract consumers beverage manufacturers are focusing upon offering healthier choices.  Fruit infused waters made with real plant based ingredients are becoming increasing preferred by today’s educated consumers.  Beverages free of artificial sugars, diet sweeteners and colors are most popular with adults choosing better alternatives for themselves and their families.

As beverage manufacturers move away from artificially sweetened drinks they are also becoming increasingly aware of the appearance and tastes of the beverages that they formulate and blend. This trend is resulting in the need for manufacturers to evaluate their existing water processing and filtration systems. 

Previously beverage manufacturing thought concerning ingredient water centered around the use of particulate filtration followed by carbon filtration followed by ozonation. Little thought was given to mineral impurities and the effect that those minerals had upon the taste and appearance of the beverages.

Today’s realization that water is the main ingredient in beverages has changed that thinking and the majority of specialty blenders and packagers are turning to membrane technology specifically nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Manufacturers of certain fruit infused beverages formulated with nanofiltration or reverse osmosis water have turned away from the addition of ozone as the extreme oxidant has affected the appearance and taste of the end product. Instead in-line ultraviolet disinfection is being utilized to treat the nanofiltration or reverse osmosis water just prior to the blending and bottling. The ultraviolet systems being used are validated in compliance with EPA and local state regulations and standards.

The pictures shown in this project depict a validated ultraviolet disinfection system manufactured by Aquafine Corporation / Trojan Technologies.  Filter & Water Technologies, Inc. as a strategic channel partner of Aquafine / Trojan and a registered Master Distributor and Service Center for the Mid-Atlantic states supplied and started up the system.   

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