ASTM Type II RODI Water System 


A global leader in the Biopharmaceutical Industry has once again expanded its operations with the addition of another 300,000 square feet of research and development space to its corporate headquarters' complex located in New York. The two additional buildings will house another 300+ employees engaged in the expansion of the company's core businesses.


The adjoined buildings, which include three wings, share multiple utilities such as laboratory gases and purified water.  The centralized purified water system supplies the laboratories with ASTM Reagent Grade Water.  Filter & Water Technologies was asked to assist  with the final design of the ASTM Water System and was eventually contracted to fabricate and install the central purification system and multiple distribution systems.

The photo of this ASTM Water System shows the complex diversity of  the overall system. The central purified water system is comprised of redundant pretreatment equipment consisting of multimedia filters, water softeners, carbon filters and reverse osmosis units.  The pretreatment equipment provides make-up water to three (3) separate water storage tanks which in turn supply water to the three (3) individual wings. 


Each storage tank includes post-treatment equipment consisting of alternating VFD controlled distribution pumps, exchange service type mixed bed deionizers, ultraviolet disinfection systems and final 0.2 micron filters.  Each wing has its own PLC operated control panel with a colored touchscreen that exhibits a process flow diagram of its respective distribution system.  

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