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ASTM Type II Reagent Grade Water System


Filter & Water Technologies recently completed the design, fabrication, performance testing and delivery of another laboratory grade ASTM Type II Water System. The system replaces an existing RODI water system that was installed in a world leading pharmaceutical company R&D building 25 years ago.


Today many pharmaceutical companies are faced with decisions on what to do with aged research laboratory buildings. New construction costs have inhibited the design and building of new structures leaving a number of companies with only a more cost-effective option of retrofitting existing buildings. Design A&E firms have been challenged with the tasks of demolishing the infrastructure of existing laboratory buildings and replacement of aged utilities and equipment. Access to areas within existing buildings may be difficult and allotted space for replacement equipment may be limited.

We, at Filter & Water Technologies, are equipped with SolidWorks 3D CAD which enables our engineers to design replacement Laboratory Reagent Grade and USP Purified Water Systems to accommodate limited spaces. We can even fabricate new skid mounted equipment to fit on existing equipment pads thereby providing additional cost savings to the client.

If your company or a company that you know is contemplating the replacement of an aged water treatment system please call us at (267) 450-4900 for a free feasibility study.

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