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Featured Project: Aquafine SwiftBeverage

Beverage Waters – The quality of the water being used in the formulation of beverages is being scrutinized more today than at any other time in recent history. Taste, odor, organic and inorganic content have long been of concern to the beverage manufacturer because of their direct effect on the taste and appearance of the beverages.

Harmful bacteriological content in water has been regulated for decades and parasites such as, cryptosporidium and giardia have increased the concerns placed upon the health effects associated with beverage make-up water. The USEPA has been involved with setting regulatory guidelines for the control of such organisms and has published these guidelines to include the 4-log inactivation of viruses as well.

Aquafine has developed and (third party) validated a series of ultraviolet disinfection systems specifically designed to meet the USEPA 4-log inactivation guidelines. Aquafine’s SwiftBeverage Model SBV-600 Ultraviolet Disinfection Units are shown in this pictorial of a validated “Beverage Water System”.

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